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This degree combines knowledge and methodologies of biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, and microbiology with those of the physical sciences to investigate living systems.

Quick Facts

Full-time: 3 years / 4 years
Starting in: January, September
Tuition Fee: 18,360 CAD per year
Location: Winnipeg Campus, Winnipeg, Canada

Biochemistry is the chemistry of life. It includes the structure and function of biologically important molecules, such as proteins, nucleic acids like DNA, carbohydrates, lipids, and many smaller biologically active chemicals. Biochemistry graduates work in many different fields. These include research on the molecular basis of diseases, development of pesticides and medical diagnostics, forensics, immunology, environmental remediation, and physiology. Throughout this program (formerly known as Molecular Biology) important developments in the field are highlighted and future directions explored.

At The University of Winnipeg, Biochemistry is an interdisciplinary program. Most required courses are taught in the Departments of Biology and Chemistry. Students also take relevant courses in Physics, Mathematics, and Statistics along with elective courses. You will learn about the chemical make-up of cells, the regulation of metabolism, and the actions and control of genes. In addition, you will become familiar with the laboratory techniques used in this large area of science.

Career Possibilities

Career opportunities for graduates of this program lie in life science-oriented industries such as food technology, pest control, and the design and manufacture of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. Graduates may work in government labs or a variety of private industries. A bachelor’s degree in biochemistry may qualify you to enter medicine, dentistry, or pharmacy. It may also provide the foundation for further research and study at the graduate level.

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What our students say

“As a University of Winnipeg student, I enjoyed the quality instruction, the opportunities for work
and volunteer activities and the one-on-one contact with professors who really care.”

Kristin Streuber (B.Sc. Hons. Biochemistry), who is now a physician in Winnipeg.