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Data Science

We are offering a B.Sc. or B.A. 4-year Statistics degree, Data Science Stream. This Data Science degree from University of Winnipeg will involve a mix of Statistics, Mathematics and Applied Computer Science courses.

Quick Facts

Full-time: 4 years
Starting in: January, May, September
Tuition Fee: 15,810 CAD per year
Location: Winnipeg, Canada

Why this Data Science degree from University of Winnipeg?

  • Data scientists are in high demand, earn high salaries and have satisfying careers
  • Large range of career options in medicine, business, government, public health, advertising

In today’s market, a Data Scientist position is the hottest job and is in high demand in private and public as well as in governmental and non-governmental sectors. Careercast.com ranked “Data Scientist” as the best career in 2019 (They rank jobs according to four core criteria: environment, income, outlook and stress.)

Our program has been designed so that students will acquire enough skills and knowledge to work in different sectors as a data scientist or data analyst. Our students will be able to have great contributions to make optimal decisions and strategies through analysing huge and unstructured data that are growing every day.

What does a Data Scientist do?

  • Analyzes, interprets and models data using statistics, math and computer science
  • Interprets the results to predict future trends and proposes action plans

An example:

During the global pandemic, data scientists are playing an important role in providing the world with crucial information. Recently at Oxford University, data scientists worked with medical professionals to show how traditional methods of contact tracing used in public health are not fast enough to thoroughly slow the spread of COVID-19 through some mathematical models. They created a mobile phone-based solution to eliminate the need for people to call the contacts manually. Instead, those parties get text messages confirming the need for self-isolation.

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What our students say

“My experience with the Forest Ecology program was wonderful. It’s small enough that professors and students can get to know each other well, yet it also offers a lot of opportunities for students to find out what interests them and to pursue those interests. I was able to take field courses, work for two summers as a research assistant, and even participate in academic conferences.”

Katherine Dearborn (BSc-4yr), winner of Chancellor’s Gold Medal for Highest Standing in Science (4-Yr) and the medal for achievement in a 4-Yr major